Welcome to L.E. West Online’s unique TEMPLATE feature.

What are Templates?

Templates are personalized shopping lists of your most important or frequently ordered products. You can either create them yourself (User Templates) or use one of L E West’s global lists (Global Templates).

To use a template you simply click on the name to view the products contained and click ‘Move to Trolley’ to have the items added to your shopping cart. Don’t worry if you don’t need all the items!

You will then be given the opportunity to add or remove any of the products to further customize your order. Once loaded, you can either proceed straight to check out or continue shopping for more products and equipment.

There are two types of Templates:

User Templates: We’ve created this feature to make shopping for frequently ordered products easy and convenient. At any time whilst shopping, you can click on ‘My Account’, and then ‘Save As Template’ all of the items that are currently in your shopping cart.

Note: You will also be offered this option upon check out!

When you save your template you will then be given the opportunity to give your template a unique name for future reference. Once saved, you can thus come back to L E West Online anytime and use the template over and over.

Note: You can save as many different Templates as you like.

Global Templates: These are Templates that L E West has created for your convenience. Some will be popular items that we think you might be interested in. Other will be official Medical Scales for various countries and types of ships.

For example: UK Merchant Shipping Medical Scale – MSN 1768

To start using Global Templates right away, please go to ‘My Account’ and click on ‘Use Template’.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us via email: admin@le-west.co.uk


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