< Cardiac Science Defibrillator

Health and safety policies in many companies now require emergency equipment to be available.

The problems arise when the skill mix in the company do not extend to this specialised area, and can quite often cause delays in ordering the goods or the training while both are chosen to fit with the requirements of the other.

Cardiac Science Defibrillator

cardiac science defibrillator

Take the guess work out of it. Purchase a Cardiac Science Defibrillator - Powerheart G3 Automatic or semi-automatic defibrillator at £1525 which is £50.00 off the RRP and get FREE defibrillator training. Saving you over £360 if purchased separately from our competitors. Click here to go to the product page

If you need us to arrange defibrillator training for you we can. For groups of up to 6 the price is just £350 which includes CPR training & certificate from an accredited trainer.


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