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(M1691) Hemoglobinometer - HemoCue 201+
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  • Pocket sized and easy to use
  • Produces accurate results in less than a minute
  • No calibration or instrument manipulation (between cuvette/reagent batches) needed
  • To use with Microcuvettes (M1691A)
  • Carry case available (M1691B)

The HemoCue Hemoglobin Systems 201+

* Provides an opportunity for quick, simple and reliable quantitative Hemoglobin results with the same performance as a large hematology analyzer.

* The dual wavelength photometer corrects for lipaemia, leucocytosis and other sources of turbidity. Any blood source (capillary, venous or arterial) can be used. Transfusion decisions, EPO dosing and anemia screening can be appropriately performed immediately and at the point of care.

* The unbreakable, disposable cuvette collects the exact amount of blood and mixes the sample with the reagents automatically. The cuvette is placed into the portable photometer. Results appear on the display screen in less than a minute.

* Immediate, accurate results covering the whole measurement range of 0-25.6 g/dl (0-256 g/l or 0-15.9 mmol/l).


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(M1691) Hemoglobinometer - HemoCue 201+