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(M1695) Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Automatic Defib.
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  • Intellisense Lithium Battery
  • Patented RescueReady® technology performs daily self-tests
  • Configurable STAR® biphasic energy protocols
  • RHYTHMx® analysis software
  • *** Special Discounts for Police / Fire Depts

Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Automatic Defib.

The Powerheart AED G3 Automatic delivers a life-saving defibrillation therapy without the need to push a shock button.

Once the defibrillation pads are attached to the patient, the device detects the patient’s heart rhythm, analyses the rhythm using the patented RHYTHMx® analysis software, and, if a life-threatening rhythm is detected, instructs the user to stand clear and automatically delivers a defibrillation shock!

The Powerheart AED G3 Automatic also features RescueReady® technology which includes daily, weekly, monthly self-testing, virtually guaranteeing first time, every time rescue performance.

Also, the new Powerheart AED G3-Automatic incorporates the RHYTHMx analysis software and STAR® biphasic defibrillation energy waveform. *** FREE AED & CPR book worth £5.99 included - M3265

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(M1695) Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Automatic Defib.